Industrial Gas Certification

We can provide you with an industrial gas certification sign-off. In broad layman’s terms, any gas appliance that is not stock standard, such as a small boiler or an infinity; a heater; or any appliance that is purpose-built and not listed on the Energy Safety Website as an approved appliance – requires sign-off from a Worksafe endorsed “APPROVED PRACTIONER”know in other countries as a "Type B gas inspector". This means that Worksafe has endorsed this person as having the necessary technical expertise and competence to inspect, test and certify the safety of certain gas appliances.  It is important for safety and insurance purposes that this is done correctly by a suitably endorsed “APPROVED PRACTIONER“ (not just a certifying gasfitter) along with the need to be constructed in line with NZS5266. Flow Industries currently has a team of 3 practising approved practitioners.

What We Do

  • Gas Industrial and Purpose-Built Appliance Certification
  • Appliance Commissioning
  • Full Installations
  • HASOP on New & Existing Gas Equipment
  • Combustion Tuning
  • Efficiency Monitoring​
  • Safety Improvements
  • Gas Pipework​
  • Process Integration

What does Flow Industries Service?

  • Oil Bath Heaters
  • Heat Treatment Burners
  • Incinerators
  • Ovens
  • Boilers
  • Melt Baths
  • Furnaces
  • Atmosphere Generators

Here is a little of what we look for when certifying industrial gas equipment…

  • Gas pressure safety    
  • Over temperature safety
  • Purge times & emergency stops
  • Electrical compliance
  • Structural & seismic safety
  • Process integration
  • Operator safety
  • Safety improvements
  • Gas pipework

Take away the guesswork, do it once do it right.   Call us early at the start of your project so we can ensure compliance before you purchase, build or import a gas appliance. This saves so much time, risk, and money.    We are here to keep you safe.

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