• Piping solution
  • Run of factory pipework for various solutions
  • Labelled and tidy pipework
  • A carefully planed hospital hot water header pipe replacement
  • Hospital Hot Water Pipe Plant Room
  • Crop house Boiler System
  • Heat Traced Tallow Lines
  • • Installed a venting regulator with vent line through the roof, and a vent line on the gas train cover.

We are Pipework Specialists that offer solutions!

We design and build, service and maintain all piped services, mechanical pipework, medical gas, horticulture and agriculture heating and cooling, along with boiler and burner installations and servicing. Our goal is to maintain our reputation as pipework specialists and offer our clients solutions that modernise their systems and maximise their efficiencies. Since 1980, our high-quality workmanship sets us apart and has allowed us to become an integral part of our client’s operations and projects.

Our “Flow” Solutions that help you!

  • Hydronic heating and cooling systems

  • High pressure wash down

  • Integrated systems

  • End to end project management

  • Risk assessments

  • High Hygiene solutions

  • Problem solving

  • Safety Showers

Our Specialist Qualifications

  • ISO 9001 Certified company

  • AS/ NZS 4801 Certified Company (OHSAS 18001)

  • Certified plumbers

  • Certified gas fitters

  • Ticketed boiler experts

  • Industrial Gas Approved Practitioners

  • Certified PE welders

  • IQP backflow certified testers

  • Engineers

  • First aid qualified

  • Confined space qualified

  • Gas testing qualified

  • Working at heights qualified

  • Elevated mobile platforms trained

Making Things Flow For Over 25 Years!

Flow Problem Solvers

Expert Problem Solvers

We are world-class in solving problems and providing you with solutions in all flow situations.

Flow Qualified Team

Qualified Team

Our highly qualified team complies with international health and safety standards so you can rely on us to get it right the first time.

As an ISO 9001 certified company we are dedicated to providing the ultimate level of service at an international standard.

Sitewise Green Certified

We have qualified for a SITEWISE Green certificate which means you can trust us to ensure your worksite is a safe one.  We take health & safety in our jobs very seriously!

What Our Clients Say…

“You guys are one of our most trouble free contractors”

Nathan, Chemical Plant Safe Work Permit Coordinator

“Working in a dynamic industry we require services 24/7 something the Flow team has always been able to provide, no matter what size the job may be, often going far beyond their scope of work to ensure the project is completed in a timely and accurate manner”

Andrew T, Poultry Processing Plant Engineer

“We trust you, we rely on you, and your expertise; just great!”

Maxine, Care Home/Hospital Operations Manager

“That’s what happens when we don’t get you guys to do it in the first place” (regarding repair work of an installation not done by us)

Yvonne, Hotel Division Manager