Industries Served

Health Care

Understanding the importance of reliability, hygiene, and temperature control in Aged Care facilities, hospitals and surgeries, Flow Industries work with many professionals to ensure these facilities' plumbing, gas and heating services are 100% right because of preserving the lives these industries care for.

We offer:

  • Turnkey maintenance of specialist plumbing equipment found in health care facilities, taps, warm water systems, accessible bathrooms

  • Boiler/burner water heating and radiator install and scheduled servicing

  • Compliance reports

  • Trade wastewater disposal

  • Reactive maintenance for when things go wrong

Food Processing Plants

Meat, dairy, and other manufacturing plants make up a large proportion of Flow Industries' customer base. Having many years of experience, the team understands how these plants operate and the importance of eliminating downtime.

We offer:

  • Design and turnkey installation of water, gas, heating, trade waste piping systems for upgrades, new builds, and process improvements

  • Reactive maintenance services and scheduled servicing.

  • Compliance (including backflow) and efficiency reporting

  • Agents of industrial Grundfos pumps for dosing industrial wastewater and water pressure pumps

Education & Schools

  • Plumbing and drainage inspections and reporting

  • Experience in specialist high-level 10YPP and other Ministry of Education requirements

  • Radiator heating systems and boiler inspections.
    Police vetted tradespeople

  • Scheduled periodic maintenance

  • Turnkey upgrades of heating and plumbing systems

  • Tailored health and safety work procedures for working in school environments
    Our prefabricated boiler containers are an excellent solution for tight spaces that need to be safe and secure. Weatherproof and with the ability to be customised to your school’s colours, these are popular with our clients as they can be built off-site and installed with minimum disruption at a time that suits your schedule.

Hospitality Sector

Guarantee your guests a comfortable stay!
We understand the critical nature of ensuring reliable heating and cooling plants in hotels, motels, offices, and all hospitality sectors. We have various options available in prepackaged and modular plant solutions for both new installations and retrofits. There’s no discomfort when we have done our work!  For more information on our prefabricated mobile skids, see our sister company

Poultry and Dairy Sector

Helping grow the ultimate flavours!
Animal welfare is of utmost importance today, and we are experts in assisting you in providing your stock with ideal growing conditions using modern technology to help us. Monitoring return on investment has never been easier with our range of heating & ventilation systems designed especially for your animal's comfort!

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