Our Mission

“Excellence in creating & Maintaining Piped Services, making it easy for the customer”

We are a niche provider of Turnkey; technical plumbing, Specialist piped services and HVAC pipework solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors. Headquartered centrally in the North Island (New Plymouth) we take care of design, installation and maintenance across many sites and projects across New Zealand. Our teams are always keen to tackle complex and challenging jobs that stimulate the need for innovation and technical creativity to deliver excellence.

Our Purpose

“Make it Easier”

The hunger to remove the pain from processes, doing more with less to make all the lives of our people, families, planet and our clients a little less of a struggle. To do this we must innovate, and create something above and beyond the normal today to make tomorrow easier!



"Aim to never have to return to a job"

The discipline of thinking ahead, communicating being prepared with everything that is needed for the mission at hand. Then executing in a manner that the job doesn't need to be reworked or recalled.

# 2

"World Class Problem Solvers"

Can-do mindset, and we tackle every task with the fascination of the challenge to be overcome. Providing solutions to problems is what gets us up in the morning, and we don't stop until our job is complete and the problem is solved!


"Driving to Improve"

It takes a conscious positive effort to get innovate and improve every day.  This includes everything we touch - from the phone call with our upstream suppliers, our teams, equipment, the methods and end product, customers sites and experiences. 

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