Airport Farms – Taranaki

Ed Whiting, owner of Airport Farm, Taranaki, New Zealand has completed his new free-range 22,080 m² broiler chicken farm. All eight sheds are equipped with a DACS climate solution.

There was one option that stood out!

We looked at many climate systems for broiler chickens sheds in the world, but we had one option that stood out head and shoulders above all the others. Our main requirements were a system that could offer free-range and closed sheds with high humidity conditions. We have had our DACS system now running for 14 months, and we are very impressed and happy. We have the tools to make the climate within the shed precisely as we want it, says Ed.

Climate control is easy!

It does not get extremely cold in this region, but with plenty of rain (2000-2500mm annually), strong winds and high humidity most of the year I would have expected some issues, but the system runs flawlessly. With up to 95% humidity outside, it is possible to control any humidity inside the shed and have a consistent temperature throughout. The litter is always dry, and pad burn scores are under 10!

Our staff love the DAC’s system!

The efficiency of the DACS system is evident with lower gas and electricity costs per square meter than a negative-style vacuum-ventilated shed. When in free-range mode and the pop holes are open, we can maintain the climate within the shed easily. Our bird welfare overall is good with low ammonia and CO2 levels. The staff find it easy to operate and love working in a shed run by a DACS system.

“Overall as a farm owner, I like DACS, our staff like DACS, the chickens like DACS and so does the bank manager. In a simple sentence, DACS is the best investment we have made out of the whole project."

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