Waterflow monitor installed on pipework

Flow Monitoring


Verify all fluid flows with our new state of the art super accurate portable clamp-on flow meter. Within minutes we can tell you how much fluid is flowing through a pipe, we log and collate the data to provide a clear picture of flow rates over time. Advantages include:

  • No alteration to pipe work
  • Super accurate
  • Ensure you are getting what you pay for
  • Verify your existing meters
  • Understand the flow rates on your site

Our flow meters work with a range of homogeneous fluids including wastewater, cooling & heating water, potable water, and other liquids such as milk, refined hydrocarbons, crude oil, water/glycol solutions, beverages and chemicals.

Why would I want to manage flow in my factory?

Monitoring water usage in your factory provides you with valuable information to understand your usage patterns and establish if there are any inefficiencies that you might not even be aware are happening. In turn, this allows you to correct unnecessary flow that is being wasted and improve your bottom line with extra dollars saved!

What are the benefits of monitoring water usage?

  • Creates incentives to analyse water-saving goals and set production targets that are realistic.

  • Enables projection planning with real-life statistics so you can forecast future cost for your business accurately.

  • Leakages and inefficiencies are identifiable and are able to be amended in a quicker timeframe with less disruption to your workflow.

  • Unexplained variations in water usage are sometimes hard to pinpoint and with our flow monitors, we can help you to understand variations in usage that may be due to seasonal or increased production factors.

  • To know and understand your water flow usage enables you to have a greater understanding of your company’s environmental impact and it’s associated potential risk to future generations.

Plus, not only do you just save money on your water bill.  Hidden costs such as the cost of heating your water, chemical additives, gas and labour are subsequently lower due to a knock-on effect of using less water because you are completely in control of exactly how your water is being used.

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