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Industrial Gas Certification

We can provide you with industrial gas certification sign off.  In broad layman’s terms, any gas appliance that is not stock standard, such as a small boiler or an infinity; a heater; or any appliance that is purpose-built and not listed on the Energy safety website as an approved appliance – requires sign off from a Worksafe endorsed “APPROVED PRACTIONER”. This person has been endorsed by Worksafe as having the necessary technical expertise and competence to inspect test and certify the safety of certain gas appliances.​

It is important for safety and insurance purposes that this is done correctly by a suitably endorsed “APPROVED PRACTIONER“ (not just a certifying gasfitter)​.

We are Approved Practitioners​.

Gas appliances in NZ need to be constructed in accordance with NZS5266​.

One means of compliance with this code and the one most commonly used is AS3814​

Here a little of what we look for when certifying industrial gas equipment…

What We Do

  • Gas Industrial and Purpose-Built Appliance Certification

  • Appliance Commissioning

  • Full Installations

  • HASOP on New and Existing Gas Equipment

  • Combustion Tuning

  • Efficiency Monitoring​

  • Safety Improvements

  • Gas Pipe Work​

  • Process Integration

What does Flow Industries Service?

  • Oil Bath Heaters

  • Heat Treatment Burners

  • Incinerators​

  • Ovens ​

  • Boilers ​

  • Melt Baths​

  • Furnaces​

  • Atmosphere Generators

Take away the guess work, do it once do it right.​

Call us early at the start of your project so we can ensure compliance before you purchase , build or import a gas appliance. This saves so much time, risk, and money. ​

We are here to keep you safe.

Contact us for all your Industrial Gas requirements!

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