About Us

We provide turnkey solutions to our clients that exceed their expectations for all the piped services their plant requires to ensure maximum efficiency throughout it’s working lifespan. Since 1980, we have become an integral part of many of our client’s operations and projects. Our expertise allows you to remain focused on what you do best, while we ensure limited production downtime for your team. Our forte is to provide competent, punctual, reliable, and quality solutions to your problems. Specialising in the commercial world of plumbing, heating and gas the standard of work that we set for ourselves means that our clients can rely on our team to innovate and continually raise the bar ensuring that their operation is running at maximum efficiency.

If you need assistance with a piped service project, mechanical pipework, medical gas, horticulture or agriculture heating and cooling or merely a boiler maintenance service, do not hesitate to call our team.


“Creating & Maintaining Piped Service Excellence”

We are proud of the high standard of work that we achieve. We futurise our projects so that our work stands out as the best in the industry, setting our team apart. No matter if we are installing a new build, repairing a current system or servicing and maintaining existing equipment for our clients, we strive to be the best in the specialist pipe servicing industry allowing us to stand out in the crowd. By doing this, we create, supply and maintain the highest quality flow systems across multiple commercial sectors.


“ Making It Easier ”

We remove the pain, achieving more with less effort to make all the lives of our people, our families and our clients a little less complicated. We must innovate, create something above and beyond the normal today to make tomorrow’s world better for all of us!


“We aim to never have to return to a job”

Our tradesmen are trained to think ahead, prepare and come up with everything needed for the job the first time. Once onsite, they start their work immediately. They are efficient because they have planed their day and that means fewer interruptions to yours!


“World Class Problem Solvers”

We love our can-do mindset, and we tackle every task with attitude. Providing solutions to problems is what gets us up in the morning, and we don’t stop until our job is complete and your problem is solved!


“Driving to Improve”

It takes a conscious positive effort to get active and improve every day.
Leaving equipment and surroundings better than when we arrived on the job is our motto – this includes everything we touch – from our supply resources and our workshop maintenance right through to our customer service!