An international rugby stadium was having reliability issues with their existing hot water system. With only four weeks to go until the All Blacks played Argentina in the stadium, risking a catastrophic failure of the fragile existing boiler was not an option. We designed a replacement system that included two high efficiency condensing boilers, three 500 Litre buffer vessels that would exceed the load of 38 showers continuously running at the same time as other facilities. We managed the install project in a very compressed time-frame and had it commissioned in time for the big game. Thanks to innovative space-saving design in the new boilers the boiler house now has much more space and the pipe runs are all straight, level and plumb as we like it!

There are several benefits of having two smaller boilers over one:

  • More significant turndown meaning higher efficiency
  • Redundancy as the system isn’t dependent on 1 unit
  • No downtime during servicing
From start to finish
redundancy by having 2 boilers
can now run continuously together